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spoko alternatywa

MONSTA X, Beautiful (Acoustic ver.)



refren dziwny(?), ale fajne

NU'EST W, Where You At



Baby girl, your scent remains on my clothes
I still long for your embrace

Topp Dogg, Perfume



Let Me love You - Junggigo, Chanyeol



no trochę wpada w ucho

Boys Republic, Get Down



Bullorida, you better run




I'm not your anti.

ANTI, Zico (feat. G.Soul)



I love to party on the weekend
Skrrt, skrrt

Sik-K, party (SHUT DOWN) ft. Crush



dobrze powrócić czasami do tego, od czego tak właściwie się zaczynało

24K, Still 24K



doskonałe pod niemal każdym względem... przynajmniej według mnie, oczywiście

High4 20, HookGA



Under the moonlight
Everyday I feel alright
waiting for tonight
Let’s all dance together
I just wanna get it tonight

Eddy Kim, Punchnello - 2NIGHT



Please, give me that first kiss

Teen Top, First Kiss



We will sketch ourselves
It gets clearer, my dream, the more I draw you
We are complete
In the world I see through you
So many things different from my perspective
On top of the hill on the cloud
Difficult emotions (these emotions), white emotions
I am feeling them

Nu'est, R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) (one morning)


Can you at least feel
The emotions of being a happy fool?

Trzeba przyznać, że różnica między tym, a oryginalnym Sorry Sorry jest ogromna.

Super Junior, Sorry Sorry - Answer



Mój ulubiony utwór na budzik.

Infinite, BTD (Before The Dawn)



What's up, girl? Beautiful day.

Confusing, Teen Top



Whisper my serenade

SHINee, Juliette



It sinks in the depths of the open sea, rather than the blue
The blue color is almost Navy
Cloudy weather is fine if I you are there
Grey clouds become a comfy shade
Your raindrops become my sea

Taemin, Drip Drop



aj łyl luv this 4eva, noł mera łot

U-KISS, Stop Girl



It’s not easy, it’s not easy
How about you?

Teen Top, Missing



She got that something

TVXQ!, Something



Ripu old Boyfriend. To już nie wróci.
...Jeszcze ta dołująca nazwa albumu.

Boyfriend, Star



I don't like your fashionstyle

Zico, Fanxy Child (ft. Fanxy Child)



Fanfare, oulala (Xd?)

SF9, Fanfare



The night asks how I’m doing
Then the red camellia that resembles you gets jealous
Your sweet lips dazzle and shine
Causing waves to rise in my sleeping heart

VIXX, Shangri-La



Lord, please hear my prayer
Please give her back to me
You said you would listen
to the cries of a weak sheep
God, please, if you exist
I’ll fix everything, it hurts so much
Even me denying you – Even this habit of
only looking for you at times like this

BTOB, Pray (I'll Be Your Man)